About Christine

My current work is about raising awareness and asking questions. In the 1940/50s woman were very resourceful, still in the make-do-and-mend mentality and often staying at home to look after the family rather than working full time. Whereas now in most cases but not all, women are treated as an equal and either want to work full time or need to so that they can pay the bills. Consequently woman don’t have the time to be creative with making clothes or furnishings and we have gone from a make-do-and-mend to a throw-away society. Materials have become cheaper to purchase; synthetic fabrics are more acceptable and durable. But we are living in a time when we need to recycle because there is too much waste so perhaps it’s time that we did re-educate this generation. Perhaps this needs to be encouraged by government through education. We have seen the comeback of buying old clothes (vintage) is this just a fashion trend or is it going to become more of a necessity with the financial climate? Possibly both.


Working with GCSE & A Level students

Creating costumes inspired by the Hat Works Museum in Stockport

Research & Design